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z. drakos
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September 2007
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z. drakos [userpic]

it's 7:48 am and the sun is just now fully making an appearance in the world. i've got that jittery queasy feeling of too much coffee and too many cigarettes and too little sleep and no food. an hour ago i was standing in tallahassee regional airport trying not to cry in front of airport security as they gave me disapproving looks for loitering in front of the checkpoint while the love of my life disappeared into the terminal. it's only four days, i know, but it's the first time we've really been apart since we met and i know a lot of me being upset revolves around the last time i sent my boyfriend across the country and he didn't come back. i know it's not the same thing. but the things you know and the things you feel are never entirely the same. at some point today i'm going to have to get my shit together and go into work and deal with all the bullshit there like everything's okay. and it is, really, i guess. i just don't know what to do without him here.

so now i suppose i ought to take herself out for a walk and try to get more than two hours sleep so i don't pass out before tonight's over with.

sound: scissor sisters

oh aleks. it must be hard for you. you kow Chris and just wait till the four days are over....it'll be to die for!

I admit it, I'm a slacker and didn't email you. When would be a good time to call you this week? ;)

hmm.. well. i'm off today and tomorrrow (sunday & monday) but i've gotta pick le toph up at the aeroport around 5-ish mon. i work 4-10 tuesday & not overly sure about the rest of the week, but it's probably the same. so really, i s'pose, any time today or tomorrow, and after ten the rest of the week would be the simple answer. did i give you my cell #? it's the 459 one. cos the house phone is perpetually connected to the computer these days.

Yes, you gave it to me. You and Toph are going to want tonight (Monday) to yourselves, so I'll try to call Tuesday. You're on Eastern time, right?

it's nice that occurred to someone besides me. but oh well. you live. you learn. it's shit, but you can't always have what you want.

anyway. yeah. i'm on eastern. just barely, but we are.