z. drakos (ghostsofnothing) wrote,
z. drakos


we're back in tallyland after spending the week in savannah and it feels weird. we've been living here for 10 months now, haven't been back in sav in the same amount of time, and tally is the place that doesn't feel like home. i'd forgotten what our life was like in sav. always something to do and someone to see, neither one of us really knew how to handle it. and yeah, we were only there for five days and all our friends wanted to spend time with us, but it was like that when we still lived there. we were always meeting up with someone or scheduling time with various friends and barely spending any time at home. tallahassee is the total opposite. nothing to do, no one to do it with and all we do is work and watch movies at home. i miss our life. i miss our friends. i miss the way it actually feels to be home instead of stuck in a wasteland at the edge of the world.
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